Sunday, January 9, 2011

hot chocolate - thick, rich, indulgent

I'm relaxing on this cold (24 degrees today in TN; that's cold for us Southerners) Sunday afternoon, often glancing out the window, watching for the forecasted winter snow storm.

This hot chocolate reminds me of a tasting at The Confectional in Pike Place Market Seattle, WA.  And, also, this hot chocolate offers visions of life for My Friend M, who will be moving to Paris, France for a year later in 2011.

I'm using one of the 67% cacao bars of chocolate from Nashville, TN artisan chocolatier, Olive & Sinclair. I use their chocolate often, as you can see here and here.

Seemingly simple demitasse cup of hot chocolate - notice the rich color of the chocolate against the stark white of the small cup.  

adding a little recently whipped whipping cream...

the bowl of the spoon is about the size of the top of the cup

this velvety thick, deliciously rich hot chocolate is adequately served in a very small portion

I added a few drops of Chambord for a subtle hint of black raspberry

 one last photo, and then it's time to savor

until next time, little demitasse

The recipe was adapted from a blog post by Tish Boyle.  I scaled the recipe back to one serving; however, I found that the one-serving portion would adequately fill 3 of the small demitasse cups.  That's enough to share with friends....or not...

3 fl. oz. whole milk
1 fl. oz heavy whipping cream
1T packed light brown sugar
Heat on medium heat until the mixture begins to bubble around the edge. 

Remove the pan from the heat, and add
1.5 oz finely chopped chocolate (choose your chocolate wisely for it really is the star of this treat)
(I used Olive & Sinclair's 67% bar)

Whisk gently until the chocolate is melted and well combined with the liquid. 


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