Sunday, January 23, 2011

bacon - sweet smokey bacon jam

I first read this recipe on Lydia's blog.  Much is written in the blog world regarding bacon and sweets.  I, however, think this bacon jam will be delicious in a quiche.  I make quiche often; this weekend my quiche goes something like this (don't judge me, nor count the calories!):
     >fresh lard crust
     >layer of shredded cheese
     >layer of crock pot caramelized onions
     >layer of **bacon jam**
     >layer of asparagus
     >all swimming in a mixture of heavy whipping cream, eggs, salt, nutmeg, and Herbes de Provence

I began with 2-10 oz packages of bacon, cut into small pieces

bacon, rendering, in my Grandmother's cast iron

2 1/2 hours later; liquid will thicken as it cools
(bacon, onion, garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, maple syrup, espresso)

this would be so good in the middle of one of Mom's biscuits...

it's deliciously smokey sweet, and quite addictive

You can find the original recipe HERE.


  1. Your bacon jam looks great! I actually love bacon jam. I love the salty sweetness.

  2. wow! I love bacon and I gotta try it.

    Well, I know I’m in debt! You left a comment in my blog a few days ago but I was in a middle of a trip, unable to give you an answer. Thanks for stopping by!!!
    Congratulations for your work here!!

    I hope we can keep in touch!

  3. Au Fond Farmtable in midtown has delicious bacon jam on their menu. You should go try it tomorrow morning! It was a pleasure having you in class last night, and your blog is great.