Friday, July 16, 2010

a five day beach course in cheese

I stand at the cheese counter in Whole Foods or Fresh Market in Memphis, TN or Lucy's Whey in Chelsea Market, New York City...
And I don't have any idea what wonderful discoveries await me, because I know nothing about cheese.

I was raised on a farm in rural NW Tennessee.  We grew up eating Velveeta cheese.....I know....but that's what Mom served.  So, when I tasted a brie (soft white) warmed gently in the oven, and Havarti (semi-soft) included in a quiche, my taste buds danced.  There must be more!

Thus, my beach vacation reading:

Early in the book, editor-in-chief, Juliet Harbutt describes 7 types of cheese:
  • fresh
  • aged fresh
  • soft white
  • semi soft
  • hard
  • blue
  • flavor-added
Afterwards, there is a section on the prefect cheeseboard.  Next there are over 750 different cheeses photographed and described, along with suggestions for serving and pairing with drink.

I shall take my book to the store, stand at the counter, observe....and hope those around me don't think I have lost my mind!  (actually, they my know less about cheese than I now do!)

I'm enjoying the book.  It's very easy to read, and quite resourceful.

My brother writes a frequently updated wine blog.  You can find it here.  He compares wines in various price ranges, while accompanying the wines with something tasty from his three trusted grills.  He will soon be contacting me, the family expert-in-the-making, for wine and cheese paring suggestions. (if you enjoy a glass of wine, please take a moment to click over to his blog)

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