Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's not all bloggable

I make a lot of messes in the kitchen!  I mean, a lot.  I envision the baking results before I begin, and it just doesn't always happen.  
Today, the strawberry ice cream overflowed the ice cream maker, and the latte squares were so soft, even after refrigeration, that they could not be cut into squares for baking.  And, the whole wheat pizza dough refused to form a pretty circle.  All three taste really good..they just aren't....bloggable.

Here's the success story for the day - Rose Water Almond Tea Cookies, originally posted by Baking Obsession.  After baking these, my entire house smelled of vases and vases of roses.  The first bite was crunchy, crisp, and flakey, dusted with powdered sugar.  These are the prefect 'tea' cookie.  Eating them makes one feel like it's tea time.  The rose water taste is so very subtle, that it's hard to distinguish, yet you know something unusual is adding to the
 cookie flavor.

I intended to follow the original recipe, but I added an extra ounce of butter in the creamed mixture by mistake . To compensate, I added 1/3 more flour, almond meal and sugar.  Even with this minor adjustment, the cookies were perfect.


  1. I am absolutely blown away by your photos. I sometimes take photos of baking/cooking things for my wife's blog (The Chosen Child), but have not come up with anything near what you are posting on your blog. Simply fantastic!

    And so, I have a few questions--out of curiousity and a desire to mimick your work. What camera are you using? What lens are you using? What exposure are you using to achieve the depth of field and fantastic lighting? And what light sources are you using?

  2. Hey, can I ask as to which flickr link you were referring? I have so many, haha.

    Your pictures are so lovely! And those cookies look delicious.