Saturday, February 5, 2011

Viking Baby Cakes Class

Thanks to My Friend J (of Mrs. Ermel's blog) for the gift of a Viking class.  We mixed and poured and baked...and ate.  What a great night!

We began with fondant glazed, sugar flower topped petit fours.

cut the cake into little 1" squares or ovals...or hearts (instructor Tanya's demo)

cute little cutters:

making the fondant:

pouring the fondant:

topping Pound Cake Petit Fours with sugar flowers

they are so cute, even if they are not completely coated

mixing strawberry jello and strawberry puree to make... strawberry cakes in 4 oz jars
 cleaning the rims
 ready to bake Mini Mason Jar Strawberry Cakes

 class discussion

endless possibilities - but we filled the cups with lemon goodness and baked them in a pan of simmering water

 we needed lemon zest

and lemon juice
ready to bake Little Lemon Pudding Cakes
baked and cooling (I topped mine with lemon curd; these received rave reviews at work the next day)

pan smearing the bouchon mold
 bouchon (brownie) batter
baked and ...
 ...cooling on a wire rack

Some toast with wine glasses.  We bakers toast with strawberry cake topped with cream cheese icing!
petit fours are even prettier in the fancy fluted cups
 my great team (pardon weird facial expressions...the camera captures everything!)
Somehow, instructor Macrae is not in any of the photos (check out her blog here.)
Thanks, Viking Cooking School staff, for another fun filled, informative night in the kitchen.
iPhone photos

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  1. What a GREAT teacher Tanya Dely must be!!! I wish she could teach at our facilities in Kansas.