Saturday, February 5, 2011

artistic espresso

My co-worker B let me borrow his European Espresso pot.  I've never made nor consumed espresso...ever.
I bake with espresso, so I decided to give this a shot, no pun intended.

the espresso pot is quite small, and makes only 1 or 2 servings
 the pot is sleekly designed, and begs to be photographed
 oh, the reflections--I had to move high and low to prevent my face, body, and camera from reflecting in the pot

sleek in design
 dreaming of the aroma soon to be filling the kitchen
I'm adding a square of 70% Lindt chocolate to my little cup of espresso, along with a splash of heavy cream and a dusting of cinnamon
chocolate is melting into the hot espresso
 artistic interpretation
 cinnamon dusting
Yes, I could learn to drink espresso...
Thanks, B, for sharing the little espresso pot.

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