Sunday, August 8, 2010

New York City

A direct flight and a memorable NYC cab ride deposited me, My Friend A, and My Friend K at the Double Tree in the middle of Times Square.  

I've seen the city on television, but I had no idea what I would soon be experiencing.

After a quick check in, we were off to explore.  Over the next 4 days, we walked, and walked, and walked.  Our feet hurt so badly the first couple of days that we could barely walk to the bed to rest.  That is not an exaggeration!

We had a great trip, seeing many of the tourist sights, hearing the sounds of the city, and dodging the sea of yellow cabs.  My Friend K became an expert subway navigator.  We scouted Manhattan from 82nd street south, through Belvedere Castle in Central Park, through part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, down into the Apple Store, up to the top of the Empire State Building, and southeast through Brooklyn to Coney Island.  

We easily found Starbucks, Amy's Bread, Serendipity III, and Chelsea Market.  And we walked by countless bakeries, restaurants, and street vendors.

Here's the link to New York City.

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