Friday, January 1, 2010

granola with cranberries for the holidays

A much needed break from the pounds of butter and sugar incorporated into the holiday baking, this granola provides flavor, nutrition, and crunch.

I baked mine a few minutes longer than specified in the recipe, and that was a mistake.  Once the granola cooled, it became quite crunchy.

The candied ginger adds a nice flavor boost, but half the amount listed in the recipe would be adequate.  Notice the tiny pecans.  They can be purchased on line at, from orchards in Hickman, KY, near my home.  The flavor of these small pecans is far superior to that of the larger pecans.  These pecans remind me of the pecans Mom would spend hours cracking and storing.


Recipe can be found here.


  1. Gale..Santa peeking IN is soo cute:) My girls love Granola..Happy New Year!

  2. Those pictures are so fun!! Wow, I just love it!


  3. Thanks!!! for all the comments. I have become a 'granola recipe collector.' I think every one is my favorite...until I make the next one!