Saturday, October 24, 2009

dish 'tiles'

No, I didn't misspell dish towels. These are small glass dish 'tiles.'

You will be seeing these throughout my future posts. Aren't they cute! They were a birthday gift from a friend who knows I love to bake. A set of these tiles and a dry erase pen, and I'm ready to bake.

You simply write, place, enjoy, (photograph), and erase. It's that simple. And, they are ready for the next dish.

They could actually be used to identify anything - cheese, wine, dinner guests place settings - but "as for me and my house," I plan to use them with my food photography.

"My Friend A" made these! Wouldn't they be a great Christmas, birthday, just any day gift for someone you know? Comment on this blog post and I'll help you contact "My Friend A" if you are interested.

They are soooo cute...


  1. Hello
    I stumbled on this web sight looking for a cookie recipe.
    I love the "dish tiles" and would love to purchase some for gifts.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for requesting information on the tiles. You can contact My Friend A at

    She made me two glass display dishes for Christmas. Watch for these new food display pieces in future blog posts. They are not shaped like an ordinary plate, platter, or bowl.