Friday, October 23, 2009

a can of soup

Tommy's soup
Weight Watcher's Taco soup's good by any name.

This idea is not new, and the recipe is not mine, but the soup is simmering in my kitchen and it smells good. This is a taco soup recipe, and it is spicy (and a bit salty) - I love spicy. I've scaled the ingredients for a Viking recipe for cheddar corn muffins made with whole-grain cornmeal. These will make great 'dippers' into the soup bowl tomorrow.

Open these cans and pour contents into a large pan. (I opened these with a hand can opener - it's time for an electric model!) Listed below is my version of taco soup.

1 lb ground turkey, browned (don't add salt)
30 oz can of kidney beans, drained
2 - 10 oz cans of Rotel / I used traditional / this soup is very spicy without adding heat here
4 oz can of chopped green chilies and juice
11 0z can shoepeg corn, drained
2 - 15 oz cans Chili Beans Ranchero Style including juice
28 oz can crushed tomatoes
28 oz (empty crushed tomato can) water
2 packages of dry taco seasoning
2 packages of dry ranch dressing mix

Mix all ingredients in a large pan. Heat slowly and allow to simmer to meld flavors. I made mine the night before it was to be served.

This makes a big, big pan of soup. Freeze some for later.

My version of the recipe calculates to approximately 150 calories per 8 oz serving.

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