Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pounds of brownies

I received a gift today...

The green/gold ribbon, brown window box, green tissue paper packaging was a visual treat.  I just knew there would be something really good inside the box.  (Yes, was---I've now ripped that pretty box open like a child on Christmas morning.)  And, what did I behold....but 16...

...16 deep, rich, luscious, c h o c o l a t e brownies.  Huge brownies!


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This box of 16 - 2" square, super thick brownies are baked and decoratively boxed by a local baker in Memphis, TN.  Visit their web site HERE (www.zestofmemphis.com)

Up close

Santa watched while I tasted.

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  1. My oh my oh my! Those are some amazing photos for sure...definitely mouth watering. I can't imagine how yummy they tasted too. GORGEOUS!!