Sunday, October 24, 2010

shortbread Baked Explorations style

I visited their bakery in Charleston, SC last year, and my library contains both their cookbooks.  The latest book, "Baked Explorations," contains their version of many old classics such as Mississippi Mud Pie and Buckeyes.

...and Shortbread.  

It's not yet time to bake nor to post 'holiday' looking cookies; however, I wanted to see if this shortbread recipe would hold it's shape baked into little gingerbread shaped men.  After refrigerating the dough overnight, cutting the men and refrigerating again for about an hour, I can say and show that the dough did hold it's shape baked into little 2" shortbread men.  

The fork-prick made cute buttons.  There is no question about the flavor and texture - Awesome!

I highly recommend this book.  You will be inspired to bake!

two little...

 three little...

 four little shortbread men...
Life Frosty, these little men will be 'back again some day...'

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  1. One of my favorite cookies is shortbread. I have never attempted to make my own, but these are just way too cute. I am now on a mission to get that cookbook.