Thursday, December 24, 2009

family of gingerbread people

What a nice looking trio!  And, they are standing outside Niece Ashley's gingerbread house.

I found my inspiration for the gingerbread men here; although, I forgot to add the sugar buttons before I baked the cookies - maybe I'll remember next year.

As long as the dough remained very cold, the cookies cut easily.  I kept the dough as cool as possible, and refrigerated the cut cookies before baking.

This recipe does create a cookie that puffs somewhat (and bakes into a soft cookie).  Niece Ashley thought the first little men we baked looked like ghosts...

The flavor compensates for any undesirable puffiness.  This recipe yields a sharp gingerbread, with a bit of hot bite - exactly what I wanted for my gingerbread men.

Packaged and ready to be delivered - - -

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