Monday, June 1, 2009

never underestimate Self Rising Flour

Today, Sweet and Simple bakers are posting their Lemon Curd Muffins.  I've joined this group and look forward to future baking delights.

I read the recipe; the ingredient list was so simple, I (very prematurely) decided these muffins would be nothing out of the ordinary, especially made with self rising flour.  After all, ‘real’ bakers bake with all-purpose flour…don’t they?

I have read lemon curd recipes for several months; this baking challenge encouraged me to attempt the lemon curd.  It was so easy and so very delicious.  Here’s my blog link detailing the steps in making lemon curd.  I wanted to eat the lemon curd out of the bowl, but knew I had to reserve enough to make the lemon curd muffins, which was the original purpose, wasn’t it?

I mixed the muffin batter, making a few adjustments based on the ingredients in my pantry.  Caster sugar I interpreted as very fine sugar, so I put my granulated sugar through the food processor – it smoked – or made sugar dust.

I used extra large eggs, corn oil, heavy whipping cream, and I doubled the vanilla.

These lemon curd muffins passed my appearance and taste test with flying colors.  I took them to work, for the real test.  These tart, simple little muffins received unbelievable praise at work.  I believe the word I kept hearing was ‘awesome!!’

Rather than melting the lemon curd to spread on the top of the muffins, I simply smeared on a dollop of the curd while the muffins were hot.  It melted slightly, yet held its shape on top of the muffins.  I then sprinkled the muffin tops with decorative sugar to add a little eye appeal.

What a great recipe to have in my files.  Thank you, Sweet and Simple Bakes, for sharing this one!

Here's the link to the recipe:  Lemon Curd Muffins


  1. Hi Gale, your muffins look wonderful! What a treat they had at your work and great to hear they went down a storm!

    Many thanks for partaking this month - we hope you will join us once again in our next bake @ S&SB

    Rosie x

  2. They're lovely aren't they? This was my first Sweet and Simple Bake - can't wait for the next one now.

  3. Wow - yours turned out gorgeous! Such nice pictures. I like the idea of puddling the lemon curd on top very much. I will try that next time instead of the sugar topping.

  4. I like the topping! Acutally self raising flour scares me - it's just not natural!lol

  5. Wow yours are really pretty.

  6. These look wonderful! Especially on a hot day like today. I adore lemon curd.

    You won a cookbook in the Clearance Event! email me and I will give you the details. ;)

  7. Hi Gale

    Your muffins are absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for taking part in this month's bake and I hope you will join us again.