Thursday, June 4, 2009

my new favorite number


Finally!!!!  My first TasteSpotting post!!!  Whooo  Hoooo!

My first two submissions did not make the cut, but my third submission was chosen to be posted on TasteSpotting!  

This is one of my favorite web sites.  I admire the beautiful photography and I plan to bake everything I see (which is not possible).   This web site is also a great link to bakers all over the world.

This is quoted from the "About" section of the TasteSpotting web site:

"Founded on the idea that we eat first with our eyes, TasteSpotting is our obsessive, compulsive collection of eye-catching images that link to something deliciously interesting on the other side. Think of TasteSpotting as a highly visual potluck of recipes, references, experiences, stories, articles, products, and anything else that inspires exquisite taste.

We don’t use the term “potluck” for the hell of it. Everyone brings something to the party here: the user community submits images/links from around the web and the editorial team reviews the submissions. What finally gets served up on the site is a beautifully refined set of the community’s contributions.

The site was launched in January 2007 and is run by Sarah of The Delicious Life and a small group who just likes to be called "The Team." "

Here's the link to TasteSpotting.  Do take a moment and find #45802!

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