Monday, February 8, 2010

milk + sugar + heat = DDL

dulce de leche

I followed Alton Brown's recipe (found here.)  My electric range low temperature is obviously not the same low temperature used while testing this recipe.  I cooked the mixture for about 6 hours, and decided my DDL was DONE.

Mine is not nearly as thick as it should be; HOWEVER, the taste is amazing.  One lick of the spoon is just encouragement to dip and lick the spoon over and over and over.

This does not taste like caramel; it has a flavor all its own.  Alton describes the flavor as 'less sweet' & 'has more depth' than caramel.  Addictive doesn't help you understand the flavor, but that's what this is - addictive.

I'll try this again another day, and start the mixture at a higher temperature.  The extended time I cooked the mixture allowed it to reach a deep, dark, chocolate brown.  I think higher cooking temperatures and a shorter cooking time will yield a lighter color ddl.

whole milk; notice the 'milky' white color:

granulated sugar:

vanilla bean seeds:


all ingredients mixed and heating:

a slight hint of color:

more color:

heat and time yields a deeper brown:

notice the boiling points; water is evaporating (finally!):

the bottom of the pan after I strained the mixture into a bowl;  finally!, it was time to taste:

notice all the vanilla bean seeds floating in this gooey, rich dulce de leche:

It's really not as thick as it should be - but it is delicious.  It didn't thicken very much after chilling.

I've used this ddl in a cake and some cookies.  Watch for the blog posts.

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  1. That looks heavenly. I'd probably just drink it straight. ;-)